Nico | Little Ground-jay🦢

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I'm a birder in China, now I'm temporary in United State. I also like photographing other animals. I like pursuing some specific high interest bird species.

⚠️I'm not allowed to kill any birds. if I do so, I will be killed by the same way that I kill the bird (this is a religion law).
⚠️For me, low protection level & high favor level & easily get hurt species are listed as sensitive species (no matter hunting were legal or not), will leave a half of public. If hunting is more legal in this region, the restriction are more strict. For example, In Unite State, Canada Goose and all deer species are listed as sensitive species due to legal hunting exists, I totally hidden the location (no matter alive or dead), only shows to those whom I'm very trust that absolutely no harmful for these species. In addition, if some high interest species in an area were very afraid of anyone, I also leave a half of public.
⚠️Some species (especially my sensitive species) need to confirm at least two other users then able to reach to Research Grade, not I prevent that.

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