Lezanne Rossouw

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Interests: Arachnology, Entomology,Herpetology. Slow down! Take pleasure in the small things in nature. It will lead YOU to a new found affiliation and affection for nature. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than taking pleasure in the small things in nature. 
Often, as I walk through Nature, I can be heard saying “slow down” or “you’re going too fast”, because there is so much you can miss when walking at a brisk pace, outdoors. So there are some advantages to being a dawdler! I’d encourage you to just stop for a moment and examine what is under your feet or in the space immediately around you. Some of nature’s mysteries lie in the minutiae, such as the constant hum of the bees feeding on nectar rich flowers, or perhaps a little beetle scurrying past on the ground… I stay in South Africa, Pretoria, next to Serene Valley part of Moreletta Spruit Nature Conservation.

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