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Focus: True Bugs of Australia (Insecta : Hemiptera : Heteroptera)

Addicted to True Bugs (Heteroptera), chiefly interested in the Nabidae (Damsel Bugs) of the world and Australia's terrestrial bug fauna I'm curating for iNaturalist.

Nature-loving person based in Heidelberg/Germany, originally from Berlin. Biologist with majors in Ecology and Functional Genomics/Bioinformatics (TU Darmstadt & Frankfurt Uni/BMLS). Currently at the German Federal Research Centre for Cultivated Plants, establishing Metabarcoding & downstream processing of Environmental DNA (eDNA) to assess arthropod diversity and plant-animal interaction in agricultural landscapes, besides responsible for True Bug identification.
Passionate about everything beautiful, nature & sustainability, gardening, stars & space... Always on the road in nature things, citizen scientist and volunteer, or just bushwalking with my camera.
Love combing through iNat's backlog for 1st records of True Bug species not yet added to iNat's taxonomy and other interesting stuff. For some highlights (mostly Australia) see my Treasures From the Backlog.

OpenTo... arthropod- or barcoding-related projects/positions etc all over the world - just in case someone happens to come across sth.

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