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I'm a professional field botanist specializing in California vascular plants.

My PhD research focused on the genus Malacothamnus trying to resolve some of the taxonomic difficulties within the group. My monograph of the genus, which includes a new treatment with lots of photos and a geographically focused key, is out now. The Wikipedia articles for each species now link to photo galleries of each Malacothamnus taxon if you would like more reference photos. The iNat Malacothamus taxonomy now follows the 2023 treatment with the exception of a couple default common names. The Jepson eFlora abridgement of this treatment should come out in winter 2023/24.

Links to all three volumes of my Malacothamnus monograph, my earlier Malacothamnus papers, and a couple video presentations on Malacothamnus can be found on my website here:

The same papers are also available here:

Links to my collection of diagnostic plant photos of over 3,200 taxa can be found here:

If interested in becoming a patron of my botanical work, see my Patreon page here:

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