Kathy Claypole Biggs

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All nature interests me and I am passionate about Dragonflies.
In 1996, we built a pond, and they came.
That has led me in wonderful directions.
I'm a teacher, so once I started learning about Odonata, I started wanting to share it.
I have a California Dragonflies website (http://bigsnest.powweb.com/southwestdragonflies/caphotos/), a Southwestern Dragonflies website (http://bigsnest.powweb.com/southwestdragonflies/) and now a Jalisco, MX website (https://bigsnest.powweb.com/southwestdragonflies/JaliscoOdes/JaliscoLINKS.html).

I'm the author of several, some now out of print, Dragonfly guides: the California Dragonfly Beginner's guide series, Southwestern Beginner's Dragonfly Guide, and an educational Dragonfly Coloring Book. A guide to the Dragonflies of the Greater Southwest, and a free down-loadable PDF on Jalisco's Dragonflies are still available.

My most recent project is to make a site for our McCloud home where its critters are counted. See https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/biodiversisty-of-the-biggs-s-mccloud-home-property. I've found it quite helpful.

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