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Delighted by the wonder of it all :-)

A veld nut.

Proud member of the African Caterpillar Rearing Group (CRG).

  • Reared from larval stage project (southern Africa) - our collection of beasties reared from eggs or larvae.
  • Pillar Parade project - help to identify lepi caterpillars in southern Africa.

Some useful iNat links

Locations of useful publications (because I can never find them again when I want to tell other people where to find them):




Caveat: I am notoriously bad at estimating size and distance. Please take all measurements (that are not backed up by a ruler or some other scale) with a pinch of salt.

I am also sharp as a bowling ball in the morning, and pretty useless in the afternoons. You can mostly trust morning IDs, but afternoon IDs should be treated with the suspicion they deserve.


My site: Karoo Studio

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