Jim Frisinger

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After a 30-year career as a newspaper journalist in Michigan and Dallas-Fort Worth, I joined the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as a public affairs specialist. Today's Army is very green. Through my nine years of federal service with the Fort Worth District I met dozens of outdoor enthusiasts. They are among the many dedicated biologists, archaeologists, hydrologists, engineers, project managers, planners and park rangers who are passionate about the environment. The Corps is a steward of the nation's water resources - reservoirs, recreation, water supply, flood and coastal protection and wetlands. In supporting the Army's ecosystem restoration mission, I learned a lot and loved every minute of it. Newly retired, I continue my environmental work by highlighting the wonders at Corps wetlands sites. I also work, as a Friend of the Southwest Nature Preserve in Arlington, Texas, to share with others our 58 acres of Eastern Cross Timbers habitat on the slopes of Kennedale Mountain.

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