Joe Dziewa

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Some of us love native wildlife as much as you love your cat.

What is sport to the pet you love is terror, torture and death to the creatures we love. What it proudly brings to your porch is only a fraction of what it takes. This ecosystem hasn't evolved to handle Felis catus and though its own actions are natural, a non-native cat's influence is not. It being well-fed and receiving shelter and veterinary care gives it an even greater and unnatural advantage over its prey. The bacteria in its mouth and claws are enough on their own to lead to the death of a bird that escapes with an otherwise minor injury.

Please take onto consideration the remaining of the wildlife species that were here before us, the ones that could return to our neighborhood if given the chance, and the people who love them before deciding whether to allow your cat to roam freely about, hunting in other people's backyards.

No enchanted forest is complete without the mesmerizing singing of a wood thrush. My opinion about its wonderfulness just aligns with commonly known facts, therefore people accept me as sincere, but it's not always like that when I talk of certain other birds. So, just to be clear:

When I say I think common grackles have beautiful songs and turkey vultures are cute, I mean it!

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