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To feel connected with nature is to feel connected with oneself

A chickadee's whole body is about a hundredth of the weight of my brain, yet they are at least a hundred times better at remembering where they put things.

Evolution is full of shortcuts. With ascorbic acid abundant in the diet, some mammals have lost the ability to produce it on their own and will develop scurvy without a regular supply. It was not long ago that immersion in nature was an abundant part of the human experience.

Do you ever always wonder about the diversity of life that would be where you are right now if it hadn't been transformed by humans?

Object Permanence: easy to learn, difficult to master


iNat Community Guidelines
Identification Etiquette on iNat

Sometimes useful for identifiers with a large number of notifications coming in,
Substitute your user ID to see observations on which you have an identification, most recently updated first:

my maverick IDs:
(modify url for other uses, returns results according to identification by user, not community ID)

How to use iNaturalist’s Search URLs
(to change an Explore Observations url into and Identify url insert /identify before the question mark)

Disagreements on whether an organism is a teasel:

UTC is always the current time, everywhere.
Treating local time digitally as much more than a display setting is a just saving zone of nonsense and daylight confusing extra bunch time.

Only advanced genetic engineering can produce a rose with thorns, but maybe it will find more productive endeavors.

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