João Lima

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I'm an amateur photographer based in Porto, Portugal. Currently finishing my MSc thesis in Biodiversity, Genetics and Evolution.

Although my main interest are animals, since I joined iNaturalist I've gained interest in all living things (so I try to register everything I can lay my eyes upon).

Useful identification guides

I decided to put together a list of guides and databases that may help other users identify portuguese and european organisms. iNaturalist guides was a cool feature that created a good guide database, but has been "abandoned" in 2019.


When you try to identify everything, the nomenclature can become a bit overwhelming, so here is a list of glossaries that may help you understand some terms.

Cool features on iNaturalist

iNaturalist is filled with cool features. Some are easily accessible on the website, but others are hidden or tricky to come across. So here is a list of features I find interesting.

iNaturalist tutorials

Things that might help you take your iNaturalist experience to the next level

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