Jonathan Mills-Anderson

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Bachelor's in Wildlife and Conservation Biology from the University of New Hampshire and Master's in Conservation Science from the University of Queensland. Most of my first-hand experience comes from southern California, Panamá, and Australia.

My interests include the entire environment, so I have been steadily improving my knowledge of all taxa as much as possible.
However, despite my educational background, the majority of my knowledge is self-taught. This means that – shockingly – I might make mistakes! I try to always have an explanation for my IDs so don't hesitate to ask for clarification.

Feel free to tag me/ask for my input on pretty much anything. I’m always willing to provide whatever insight I can and I love discussions! Of course, I don’t only enjoy chatting with people online – if you see me out on a trail somewhere, don’t be afraid to say hello :)

My profile image was drawn by an adult on a field trip while I was teaching, signature included in the image for attribution. If the artist ever sees this, please reach out so I can more accurately attribute your work! (apologies that I forgot to make a note of your name)

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