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I have been a wildflower enthusiast for over 25 years. I am working on a massive project to take photos of all parts of many, many wildflowers - flower, leaf, stem, habit, seed pod, seed - to post publicly (online) for identification and education purposes. Almost all major works of plant identification, especially of genuses* with closely related species, have keys which seem to only be available in obscure books and/or library reference books, and which contain very technical language.

But I'd like to change that! There are many "commoners" who would like to identify the plants they grow and encounter also.
To that end, I have started a new wildflower ID website, with the focus of documenting, in image form, the differences between species and making detailed comparison charts of their diagnostic features. In addition, I have also made galleries of both seeds and seedlings of all wildflowers for which I have images, as these are also important identification tools. My site is:

Also, check out my Facebook page for daily wildflower photos:

*genuses is an accepted plural, and the one I prefer over 'genera' (also a linguist here ;) )

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