Jeremiah Kennedy

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I am a scholar of owls, and a student of life

A Scholar
Though I have studied mostly in class Aves for most of my life I am both more precise and more generalized in my professional endeavors.

Here, I study ecosystem and wildlife community sound. Most of this is Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) work, using Autonomous Recording Units (ARUs) as my tools of choice. I have a special interest in owl vocal behavior and the use of ARUs to explore remote and/or threatened ecosystems and species at risk in BC, but I've have experience and a passion for acoustic surveys of all types across the board.

A Student
My recent deep dives into natural history include native plant propagation and private land restoration, native plant ID, using and altering disc golf as a stewardship tool (, near shore ecosystems and wildlife in coastal BC ( and learning and allyship in traditional knowledge of coastal indigenous nations.

You can find me learning, living and playing in Snuneymuxw Territory (

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