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I enjoy researching the distribution and phenology of monarch butterfly larvae and their hosts as part of my work, and I have made extensive use of valuable iNaturalist data for analyses (Tracy et al. 2022). I have an interest in taxonomy and revised the species status of several tamarisk leaf beetles (Chrysomelidae: Diorhabda spp.) (Tracy and Robins 2009) that have been introduced into the US (Knutson et al. 2019). Identifying the subspecies of Asclepias asperula milkweed (A. a. subsp. asperula and A. a. subsp. capricornu) is of particular interest, since these taxa may eventually be elevated to species rank (Singhurst et al. 2015, Tracy et al. 2022).

Knutson, A.E., Tracy, J.L., Ritzi, C., Moran, P.J., Royer, T. and DeLoach, C.J. 2019. Establishment, hybridization, dispersal, impact, and decline of Diorhabda spp.(Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) released for biological control of Tamarisk in Texas and New Mexico. Environmental Entomology, 48(6): 1297-1316. https://doi.org/10.1093/ee/nvz107

Singhurst J., Hutchins, B., Holmes, W.C. 2015. Identification of milkweeds (Asclepias, Family Apocynaceae) in Texas. Texas Parks and Wildlife and Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, University of Texas, Austin, Texas https://wwwwildflowerorg/plants/TPWD-Identification-Milkweeds-Texaspdf

Tracy, J.L. and Robbins, T.O. 2009. Taxonomic revision and biogeography of the Tamarix-feeding Diorhabda elongata (Brullé, 1832) species group (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Galerucinae: Galerucini) and analysis of their potential in biological control of Tamarisk. Zootaxa, 2101(1): 1-152. https://www.mapress.com/j/zt/article/download/zootaxa.2101.1.1/28482

Tracy, J., T. Kantola, K. Baum, and R. Coulson. 2022. Distribution and phenology of monarch butterfly larvae and their milkweed hosts in the South Central US. Biodiversity & Conservation. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10531-022-02432-7 (https://rdcu.be/cObHI)

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