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My name is Barbara Graham. In the 1990's I spent 9 years examining sandstone cliffs of the Pottsville Escarpment searching for big eared bats (genus Corynorhinus). After raising 2 kids I am now learning a great deal about land snails from Daniel C. Dourson. I live in the Daniel Boone National Forest on Furnace Mountain, a limestone ridge rich in snail fauna. iNaturalist has also reawakened my interest in moths.

In 2021 I returned to searching for big eared bat roosts. This rekindled the intensity of my past interest in moths. Light trapping in the regions where I do bat field work keeps me up to date on what is flying around for bats to dismember in rock shelters and caves. Since some moths have limited seasonal emergence, recognition of prey species can inform season of shelter use by bats.

I work seasonally in Red River Gorge, and love meeting visitors who share an interest in all natural history.

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