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I live at the western edge of the Granite Belt, perched high above the traprock in an almost pristine, arid landscape of heaths, granite balds and heathy woodland. I am a staunch protector of this wilderness with enormous curiosity and passion for the natural world. I am an amateur photographer and naturalist with a strong pragmatic streak that enables me to carry out the careful process of helping a fragile ecosystem recover from 150 years of neglect under 'white' management.

Over about 30 years of living in rainforest and arid ecosystems I have observed a lot of change, much of it threatening our amazing landscapes. Utilising indigenous techniques, obtained through working with First Australian knowledge keepers, and sheer practical experience of a lifetime of living in the bush, I am carrying out 'cultural burning' cool mosaic fire techniques in selected areas and thinning out the overgrowth of young Callitris endlicheri that will eventually out-compete the large and very old Eucalyptus trees that provide shelter for a diversity of wildlife. Early results are promising with rare plants like Boronia granitica beginning to emerge and canopy thickening despite the drought.
As I walk through thousands of hectares of forest and heath in various states of health, I am amazed by the high diversity of plants, animals and every other living entity that survives tenaciously in such a harsh environment. I carefully photograph and record all of it. Years of doing this has produced increasing evidence that the combination of local climate warming, severe drought and man's activities is steadily eroding species diversity. I hope I can preserve some of them with my work and at least be able to show those who are interested why we must all become custodians of the Earth.

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