Sotirios Liakas (Σωτήριος Λιάκας) אוצר

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Cicada and plant collector

Thanks to iNaturalist we can know and learn more about the biodiversity of Hellenic cicadas. It's more than just Cicada orni and Lyristes plebejus!

I've been dealing with

-Cicadinae (Cicada sp., Lyristes sp., Cicadatra (Syn. Psalmocharias) sp., Tibicina sp., Oligoglena sp., Cicadetta sp, Dimissalna dimissa)
-Quercus (Oaks)
-Amaryllidaceae (Narcissus, Sternbergia, Pancratium...)
-Fabaceae (Vicia, Trifolium, Lathyrus, Hippocrepis, Glycyrrhiza, Colutea...)
-Mimosoideae (Acacia, Vachellia)
-Asparagales (Agave Aloe, Asparagus...)

Further, I love taxonomy, especially Systematic Botany is my current occupation.

Thanks to everyone for your observations! It's such a contribution to the science...

Sotirios L.
Athens, Greece

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