Saleena Kí

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I am passionate about ALL NATURE! I LOVE MOTHER EARTH! I am Visionary Artist, avid Photographer, and Co-Creator/Gardeness of the GardenSong Project. We live in the deep South country of Middle Tennessee on about 125 acres of ancestral Motherland. GardenSong is located on 1/2 acre surrounding our home. Our family has several acres more cultivated as POLLINATOR HABITAT and WILDLIFE SANCTUARY. I designed the GardenSong Project on the Big Island of Hawaii to assist anyone in setting up a Conscious Co-Creation with NATURE. More details can be found at In 3 years we have photographed and identified over 66 species of BUTTERFLIES. I plan to focus on learning more about our BEES next. We are planting HOST PLANTS and TREES to especially encourage endangered or rare species of Butterflies to flourish.

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