Sheri L. Williamson

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I'm a biologist, conservation professional, lifelong naturalist, author of A Field Guide to Hummingbirds of North America (Peterson Field Guide Series 2002), and co-founder and director of the Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory.

TIRED: "identifying" hummingbirds by probability or wing/tail ratio
WIRED: learning and using species-specific field marks

If you can't figure out why I disagreed with an ID, just ask.

Soy bióloga, conservacionista profesional, naturalista de toda la vida, autora de la Guía de Campo de Peterson para Colibríes de Norteamérica y cofundadora y directora del Observatorio de Aves del Sureste de Arizona. Hablo y escribo mal español - gracias por su paciencia y simpatía.

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