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M.Sc. in Entomology, B.Sc. in Wildlife from Texas A&M.

Curatorial Assistant, University of Texas Insect Collection, Austin.

First Invertebrate Biologist for Texas Parks & Wildlife.

Mostly work with Texas Beetles, but have a strong interest in southwestern US flora and the critters therein.

My TexasEnto.net website has helpful ID pages for various beetle and Hemipteran families: http://www.texasento.net

To ID a mystery beetle, try scrolling through my Travis County Beetle Survey page: http://texasento.net/Travis_Beetles.html

Active poster/editor on BugGuide where most of my invert pix were originally posted: https://bugguide.net/user/view/4620

To go beyond just the insects that come to flowers or UV lights, one really needs to beat and sweep the vegetation: https://bit.ly/3kHugip

I mostly live collect insects and shoot them via Canon's seminal MP-E 65mm 1-5x macro lens w/ a simple ring flash against a white background. More details on my field and photo techniques here: http://texasento.net/Pic_Tech.html

I also work with specimens, mostly from UTIC (Austin) and TAMUIC (College Station), but have also worked w collections in AZ, AR, DC, FL, IL, LA, OH, OK, NM, NY, and VA.


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