Edwin Bridges אוצר.ת

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Edwin L. Bridges is a botanical and ecological consultant specializing in providing educational and research services to governmental agencies and nonprofit organizations. He has 45 years of professional experience in the flora and vegetation ecology of the southeastern United States, with the last 28 years concentrated in Florida. He is one of the three co-authors of the first edition of Atlas of Florida Plants, author or co-author of many new plant species in the southeastern U.S., and is principal investigator for several long-term studies on post-fire vegetation ecology and species ecology in relationship to fire in Florida ecosystems. He served as the head of wetland delineation, wetland plant identification training, and special project manager for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, and as research plant taxonomist for Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden before becoming a full-time independent consultant. His field research has included sites in every Florida county, as well as most counties in the southeastern U.S. from North Carolina to Texas.

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