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Favorites from higher plants to birds, and then -- when I grew older -- all creatures, especially local (in Shandong Province) and unpopular ones.
Feel free to ask me if you are willing to. Welcome to add annotations and fields to my observations, or invite me to some project. If IDs by me are wrong please directly make a correct one or @ me.
Major in life sciences.
1 - Most of the observations (=“obs.”) are with no location and accuracy info, so I add them by hand, based on website(s) finding latitude & longitude, and my memory. If the website(s) cannot match satellite map with layer of roads well, I usually choose to follow the former. If you find a location with no accuracy value, then it is probably produced by my phone, iPad or something else but probably not my hands.
2 - All microscope photos (ALMOST ALL 400×, while others 100× or 40×; in most cases do not trust scale bars on it...) are without EXIF info, so I just add their date instead of adding date & time.
3 - In most cases of (plant) parasites I would tell the host plant. So when you are IDing parasites, please pay attention to obs. fields to ensure the host if necessary. If there is still no host, please @ me directly and I usually know what it is.
4 - When I find an organism recorded by more than 1 user at the same time (at least in SDUQD that is often the case) I will mark them in the observation field "related observations".
0 - I'm not sure whether iNat will be blocked in China one day. [IF] that happens but not completely hopeless (e. g. the Internet is not decoupled from Chinese network), try to contact
For those who want to discover more about biodiversity of China online, although there are not so many well-documented taxa, or so much info in English:
All - 物种2000中国节点 中国生物物种名录/Species 2000 China Node (Catalogue of Life China Checklist)
All - 中国自然标本馆/Chinese Field Herbarium
All - 中国国家标本资源平台/National Specimen Information Infrastructure
All - 中国生物志库 (NOT FREE and probably not complete regarding published issues)
Plants - 中国植物图像库/Plant Photo Bank of China
Plants - 中国数字植物标本馆/Chinese Virtual Herbarium
Plants (Tracheophytes) - 中国植物志(中文版)/Flora Republicae Populus Sinicae
Plants (Tracheophytes) - 中国植物志英文版/Flora of China, (substitute)
Plants (Provincial Tracheophytes and Mosses) - 江苏植物志/Flora of Jiangsu
Plants (Provincial Tracheophytes) - 上海数字植物志/Shanghai Digital Flora
Plants (Local Tracheophytes) - 杭州在线植物志/(Hangzhou Online Flora)
Moss - 中国苔藓志(第1-2卷)/Moss Flora of China (Vol. 1-2)
Animals - 中国动物主题数据库/China Animal Scientific Database,
Birds - 中国观鸟记录中心
Birds - 鸟网
Amphibians - 中国两栖类/Amphibia China
Fishes - 两江中国原生(两江论坛), (equivalent)
Insects - 昆虫吧-百度贴吧
Insects - 积分昆虫学标本照片库/Insecta Integration Specimen Database
Ants - 蚁网
Dragonflies and damselflies - 蜻蜓学研究/Odonata Research
Dragonflies and damselflies - 北京蜻蜓入门指南(内测版)/(Beginner Guide to Odonata in Beijing, internal testing version)
Locusts - 中国常见蝗虫野外识别图鉴(增补篇)/(Field guide to common locusts of China: addendum)
Eumastacoidea - 中国蜢总科昆虫初级识别及名录/(Primary identification and checklist of Eumastacoidea in China)
Rotifers - 多样化的臂尾轮属——以其常见种为例/(Diversified Brachionus -- examples of its common species)
Fungi - 菌物志/Mycopedia
Fungi - 云南常见毒菌(毒蘑菇)2022版/(Common toxic mushrooms of Yunnan, 2022 version), 湖南常见毒蘑菇识别与防治手册/(Identifying and preventing handbook for common toxic mushrooms of Hunan province), 我国各地区常见毒蘑菇图谱/(Common poisonous mushrooms of China, for every region)
Paleontology - 手把手教你挖到人生的第一块化石(上)(下)/(A guide for you to dig out your first fossil: I and II),
Paleontology - 中国古生物地层知识库/China Palaeontology Stratigraphy Library (NOT FREE)
Others - 中华人民共和国进境植物检疫性有害生物名录/List of plant quarantine pests entering the People's Republic of China
Others - 中国植物园联合保护计划(ICCBG)/Initiative for Collective Conservation in Chinese Botanical Gardens)
Others - 中国大学植物网联盟/Chinese University iPlant Association
Others - 生命轨迹/Biotracks (a website similar to iNat, more localized, but showing much more limitations)
Others - 昆虫识别|采石工/(Insect Identification)
Fauna and cryptogamic flora of China (Fauna Sinica, Flora Fungorum Sinicorum, Flora Algarum Sinicarum Aquae Dulcis, Flora Algarum Marinarum Sinicarum, Flora Lichenum Sinicorum) are far from accomplishment or digitization. But sells most published books of them, and other monographs. Monographs of (perhaps) more than half of Chinese taxa have been published, but usually they can only be found in university libraries, while a small part of taxa are published as field guides.

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