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Archival Coordinator at the Macaulay Library (Cornell Lab of Ornithology). Obsessive lister, primarily bird-based but now increasingly moving into plants, insects, herps, and fish. Especially keen on smaller, less charismatic species that are frequently overlooked, such as various plant galls and parasites, non-Ode/Lep insects, freshwater fishes, lesser-known and ruderal plants, and of course, uncommon non-native plants (this last one has unfortunately led to much loss of respect for me by both my peers and myself). My enthusiasm is not, unfortunately, matched by as much proficiency, skill, or expertise as I'd like (I only started getting into non-birding naturalisting in earnest the summer of 2020), so please do not hesitate to correct any mistakes I make in my IDs.

Photos are 99% going to be from my iPhone, so please excuse potato quality.

Feel free to tag me on anything :)


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