Cole Tiemann

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I have a B.S. in Wildlife Management at Unity College in Maine, and I am currently a graduate student at University of Delaware studying Green-winged Teal ecology for my M.S. in Wildlife Ecology. I have a vested interest in waterfowl and have a lot of experience researching them across North America. I am also interested in other bird species as well and am really involved in lifelist hook-and-line fishing, targeting micro-sized fish across the Eastern US. Most recently, I started listing odonates on the Delmarva Peninsula and beyond.

I mostly focus my identifications on fishes from Maine-North Carolina and North American waterfowl. If you need an identification or want to refute one of mine, no worries, just tag me in the comments.

Bird lifelist: 367 species
Fish hook-and-line lifelist: 192 species
Odonate lifelist: 83 species

Instagram fish list:
Odonata Central:

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