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I am the Wildlife Biologist for the Pahrump and Red Rock/Sloan BLM Field Offices, in Las Vegas, Nevada. I was previously the Wildlife Biologist working on the Energy and Infrastructure Team for the Southern Nevada District Office. I received my B.S. in Animal Ecology from Iowa State University and my M.S. degree in Range and Wildlife Management at Texas AM University - Kingsville. I have previously worked in Reno, Nevada as a project coordinator/data specialist for the Great Basin Institute and in Illinois as a project coordinator for the Illinois Endangered Species Lab at the University of Illinois Springfield. Most of my career has been spent working on birds, however, I've lately been working on some really cool projects on beetles, snails, and amphipods. I am extremely interested in biodiversity and spend a lot of time looking for rare and endemic species. My wife and I also spend a lot of time hiking and camping with our two miniature dachshunds.

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