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question's encouraged - out of state or in state and looking for something new/different and want some missouri tips? visiting grandma, just driving through, finally getting to Ozark National Scenic Riverway, looking for hot spots, free camping, whatever. feel free to send me a direct message with your questions. i'm also willing to give you better directions/coordinates to my finds, if trying to relocate.

based in mid missouri

i hope to find and photograph all of missouri's sparrows (with a few drops/adds). i figure completing this goal will require visiting all regions of the state, all types of ecosystems, at different times of the year. this process should bring me in contact with a large portions of the states organisms, geographical features, state parks, and any odds/ends i need to check off/out.

useful info

Mark Robbins - The Status and Distribution of Birds of Missouri

brad jacob's "birds in missouri" is worth mentioning, what a great book.

inat projects below -

Revisit some lower quality observations of common species and clean them up, make them higher quality. Most of these just have poor photos, as I wasn't taking them for aesthetics, but to just document them.

Double Check Photos for hiding species (always on the list, always finding stuff....)

Looking for these things,

side note - i'm interested in making better short video's and gif's of interesting but short behaviors. most of these involve a static background. of course, they have shake to them, and i'm wonder what the best way to stabilize these video's to a fixed anchor that doesn't move. i don't want large images, i always crop them anyway, so i'm wondering what software works best to stabilize to a non center anchor point of my choosing. i've researched this for longer than i care to admit.

  • thanks! i've learned an incredible amount, in such a short time. opened many doors, and continuing to do so. who knew i'd ever be interested in things like rust fungi or latin?

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