Alex Zorach

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I'm Alex, I use they/them pronouns.

I run, a website about plants, and also run and am a pretty serious tea drinker. I also use eBird. Besides being interested in nature, I am also a swing dancer, and I like playing board games.

Basically I am a huge nerd.

If you want to @-message me for help on plant ID, know that I am most familiar with the midwest, mid-atlantic, and northeastern US, although I'm always trying to improve my skills, and iNaturalist has been really helpful to that end!

I am a plant enthusiast, not an expert. I may know a lot, but I have a lot of gaps in my knowledge and I don't always know exactly where those gaps lie.

I am a native English speaker, but feel free to write to me in Spanish, German, Portuguese, or Russian. I am usually able to understand these languages okay, but I am clumsy speaking them. I prefer commenting on observations in the dominant language in whatever area the observation is in, and I like opportunities to practice other languages and get better at them.

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