Brandi Missouri Griffin

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Hi! My name is Brandi, I am from the Okefenokee region of South Georgia. I am a Research Scitenist, particularly enamored with plants. I have a wide range of interests and skills associated with plant science. As an undergraduate, I helped to refine a protocol for extracting DNA from Spanish moss and did some exploratory work on cross-species transference of microsatellite DNA primers for Spanish moss, in addition to assisting Dr. Corey Devin Anderson with this work I also spent time doing fieldwork for a spatial analysis project. Also while pursuing my undergraduate I worked in the laboratory of Dr. Catherine Bush (now at Elon University) and published that work on Asimina and Deeringothamnus phylogenetics. I also worked in herbaria and curating the VSU entomology collections. I published work on citizen science and INaturalist with Dr. Emily Cantonwine. I finished my Master's thesis in 2019 at VSU (in the Anderson lab in collaboration with the Goddard lab) examining T. usneoides Biomechanics. After graduating I worked at Ichauway, Tall Timbers, and Little St Simons Island. I am currently a Field Ecologist with TBG Land Trust and my field work takes me all over the country. If you are interested in botanizing with me please send me a message! I am always excited to be in the field!

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