Benjamin Monod-Broca

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I'm a French naturalist and biology student, and I've been interested in zoology for as long as I can remember.
I'm obsessed with amphibians (mostly urodeles), and I am also fascinated by evolutionary biology, so I like to combine these two interests in my research by using amphibians as model organisms.
I also have a broader interest for animals, plants and the living world in general and I look forward to learning new things every day. I love going in the field, seeing cool animals and plants in their habitat, and learning from people who know better than me.

Currently a PhD student at Lyon university (France), working on the combined effects of anthropization and climate change on the populations of Yellow-bellied toads (Bombina variegata), and their adaptive potential. To investigate this, I'm using genomic and capture-mark-recapture data.

Please feel free to tag me if you disagree with one of my IDs, if you think my opinion could be useful, or really for any other reason. I enjoy taking part in discussions about the observations, iNat is a great platform to chat about the species we love.

If you want to check out my research:

I recently developed an interest for photography. Here are some of my amphibian pictures:,taxon

If you want to use one of my pictures or if you think I may have one that could be of interest to you (as I dont upload everything on the internet), don't hesitate to send me a message.

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