Barbara Knapton

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  • Commercial fisherman in Kodiak, Alaska, & Salmon Research technician.
  • BSc in Biological Sciences, University of Alaska Fairbanks.
  • Operated Birding & Nature Tours in northern Chile (retired)
  • Resident of Putre, Chile

My YouTube channel "Alpine Plants & Andean Flora".

Latest additions to Wildflower series, alpine plants of volcanic slopes and surrounding altiplano habitats. mostly above 4,000 masl, in the XV Región of Chile:

New Site 8: Altiplano section of Portezuelo de Chapiquiña, within Parque Nacional Lauca. A very dry area without bogs.

Site 1 update 2022 Wildflowers of Chile, Extremely North, Volcán Taapaca's Alpine Plants

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