Samantha Heller

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NWA Master Naturalist;
professional chigger finder,
amateur everything else.

Most knowledgeable concerning herbaceous plants;
(at times) semi-educated about birds
and sometimes somewhat informed about auxiliary stuff.
I have approximate knowledge of many things

Find me on Instagram!
I promise I can take better photos than the "diagnostic shots" that I post here 😉

Occasionally active on eBird 🕊️

Projects I recommend:
Larder Locker: North American Shrike Caches
Ignore the Elephant Seal
Herps of Arkansas
Geralds of the World

Useful iNat links:
Beginner tips & common mistakes
iNat or iNot? What counts as captive/cultivated
Search refinement
Frequently used responses
Expanded comparison tab for identifying observations
Using the Identify feature to add annotations
My observed taxa & dynamic life list
Resolve maverick IDs
View your IDs for others, sorted by species

(for the last 4 links, replace my username with your own.)

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