Angela Noske

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Hi everybody,
I study all wildlife in and around Stillbay. Special interest goes to the Lowland and coastal Fynbos of Southwestern Cape. My Pet Project is Pauline Bohnen Nature Reserve, which I have studied for about 6 years and recorded many botanical sightings. I was also able to get a member of iSpot to help me describe a new species of Hermannia which I found in 2014.
Pauline Bohnen NR is a small Municipal Nature Reserve in Stillbay-East and enjoys very little protection from its own Municipality who are a constant threat to this Reserve by either selling off stands or using it for municipal facility development. Since there are many threatened and endangered fynbos species in this Reserve, one of which is Euryops muirii, which occurs in just one corner of the Reserve and Hermannia angela, of which I discovered only one plant so far close to the Hangars at the private Airfield in the Reserve. Since its discovery in 2014 I was not able to locate a 2nd plant in the whole Reserve.
My more recent hobby is the study of nocturnal insects of which I know very little to date, but am looking forward to learn more about them.
I make and record observations in and around Stillbay only.
I would be very glad, if I could meet somebody on this platform who could help me with identifications of insect observations, or somebody who has got farmland with interesting fynbos in the closer vicinity of Stillbay with good stands of fynbos and invite me for further research of lowland and coastal fynbos.

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