Alicia Cordero

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I am the First Nations Program Officer for Wishtoyo Chumash Foundation. I am the lead instructor for Wishtoyo's UC California Naturalist courses, formerly served on the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council, and participate in the SB and LA MPA Collaboratives. I am particularly interested in mobilizing Indigenous naturalists to advocate on behalf of protection of our traditional homelands; elevate Indigenous practices and Traditional Ecological Knowledge in policy, practice, and co-management; and develop Native community science research programs. My passions are cultural keystone species and indigenous food/medicine sovereignty.

I have a BA in Biology from UC Santa Cruz where I studied conservation biology and animal behavior and an MA in Integrative Biology from UC Berkeley where I focused on evolutionary biology and phylogenetic systematics. I've worked in museum science including Invertebrate Zoology at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, Invertebrate Zoology and Geology at the California Academy of Science, Education and Outreach at the UC Museum of Paleontology and Zoology, and the UC Molecular Phylogeny Lab at UC Berkeley. I've also done field research in California, Washington, and Patagonia.

Basically, I'm a proud indigenerd.

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