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I have been foraging and identifying fungi with ever increasing enthusiasm since 2015. Currently, I am a PhD graduate student with Dr. Tim James in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department at University of Michigan.

While interested in all groups of fungi, my research and outreach work is primarily focused on 1) elucidating the biosynthesis gene cluster that produces gyromitrin, 2) the alphataxonomy of crust fungi and development of the website (, and 3) documenting the fungal biodiversity of Michigan through social justiced-oriented community science and outreach as part of Michigan Macrofunga Project (, a member of the Fungal Diversity Survey network (

In 2018, I founded and was the president of the Madison Mycological Society. If you are ever in Wisconsin, check them out!


iNaturalist projects:

Michigan Macrofunga Project
UM Fall 2020 EEB468 (Fungal Biology) student observations and collections

Other profiles:

Google Scholar
Mushroom Observer

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