Andrew Thomas

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I'm 16 and highly interested in birds and the subject of ornithology. I was born in Spokane and still live in northern Spokane trying to get out and about as much as I can. iNaturalist was recommended to me from a friend who I respect and is very good at what he does, go follow him @mark490. I was first introduced to birding when I was 8 but didn't really find it very interesting 'till i was 12 when I saw my first Great Gray Owl at our house. Ever since I've tried to get out every day. Some home highlights have been Eastern Purple Finch, Northern Goshawk Lesser Goldfinch. Watching Red-bellied Woodpecker extend their range has also been interesting.
Any questions or are visiting Spokane and would like to go birding, my email is

eBird account:

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