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I was raised being a lover of nature. My dad raised me to learn about all animals, particularly reptiles and amphibians. However, when I was 10 my passion turned to our winged, feathered friends. After many years of studying and searching in the field, I can just about identify any bird in North America unless they're eastern warblers or empids (Empidonax genus flycatchers). My favorite animal is the Swainson's Hawk or the Grizzly Bear (close encounters really give you a appreciation for them!). I also enjoy big game watching and I'm still working on making basic ids on trees and plants. My biggest hobbies in nature are birdwatching, hiking, fishing and of course photographing everything I see!

As a curator, I will mainly be working on keeping the Orthoptera (grasshoppers/crickets) taxonomy up-to-date on iNat, though I'm neither officially or unofficially the curator for the taxon.

Quick links for me to find my unobserved species:,1144,1846,720,1851&subview=map&unobserved_by_user_id=birdwhisperer,2291,1094,2881,1337&subview=map&unobserved_by_user_id=birdwhisperer&view=species&iconic_taxa=Insecta

Quick link to identify my all specialties:

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