Steve Taylor

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I'm a retired biologist, a bit of a generalist, but my background is strongest in insects in other arthropods (pubs in Google Scholar). I enjoy marveling at the richness of life on our planet, and feel we have a better chance of effectively conserving and managing natural resources when we understand what is here - among other things, that would be the animals, plants, rocks, and water.

My Life List (all taxa).

All taxa checklist, Beaufort County, NC


Moths of Beaufort County, NC
Moths of North Carolina
National Moth Week (2021)
Moths of Beaufort County, NC, that I have documented


Birds of North Carolina that I have photographed, of course I've SEEN more than these.
Birds of Beaufort County, NC, that I have photographed


My list of my observed taxa (not just species) with higher classification.

My yearly summaries: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, & 2022

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Useful places for discussions include the iNaturalist Forum, and the iNaturalist Discord server [invite link], [usage link] .

I follow invertefest both here on iNaturalist (Aug 2020, Dec 2020) and on Twitter.

Widget for embedding your own recent observation on a website.

I hope to implement more iNaturalist tips and tricks. Katja Schultz has some other tricks, as does Nick Lambert. Nathan Taylor has, in his journal a bunch of iNaturalist Tips and other stuff.

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