Michelle Arnold

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I was introduced to photography at such a young age, I cannot remember if my first camera arrived before or after I learned how to ride a bike. As well, I developed a deep, if odd, fascination for the macro world.

I was formally introduced to photography in a high school course my senior year, this turned into a series of point and shoot cameras each one better than the last.

I earned a BS in Biology, with a concentration in Biodiversity and Conservation Biology and Entomology. All the while, becoming enthralled with what was below my feet. My intrigue of nature from the smallest cell to the largest galaxy has only intensified.

I would be lying if I said every picture was about beauty, but the world isn’t always beautiful. Sometimes, it’s freaky, or overwhelming, even hard to look at, and sometimes its beautiful.

My way of showing that this world matters and that we should work together to save it, is by photographing it, by using visual and scientific knowledge to cry out to our fellow patrons on this Earth to work together to save it.

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