Correspond with a student through Letters to a Pre-Scientist

Letters to a Pre-Scientist is a program that pairs students (about 6th through 9th grade, but if varies) with people involved in science, technology, engineering, or math (professionals, grad students, etc.). It's a great program. It's sign-up time! Please participate! See

Through the program, the student writes four letters (physical letters) to you over the course of the school year and you respond to each one. Many of the kids have never written or received a letter before. The hope is that you'll make science seem more accessible to the student, but just corresponding with an adult is a learning experience for them.

On-line training is required, some time in August.

All students in each class participate, so you may hear from excellent students or really poor ones. Classes are usually in financially stressed areas.

Please participate in this program.

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Thanks. Just forwarded to my daughter. Her sons are a little young, but definitely heading toward STEM. She can put it on her to-do list for when they are old enough.

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