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"Stranded Tuber Rescued" cried the headline on the first page of the newspaper. I wondered, what species? How did it become stranded and what does that mean for a tuber? Why was it rescued; is it rare? Turns out the tuber was a man riding an innertube down a river. Aargh!

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Hilarious!!! Cute! Thanks for sharing! YOu made my morning.

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Thanks for sharing, made me laugh!

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This is a little on the nose for me ;) I was looking at the iNaturalist map for Wapato (Sagittaria latifolia) yesterday - a Tuber - that will be totally underwater with plus 2 degrees. I am trying to assess what estuary-type plants are in need of saving in a sanctuary so we don’t lose them.

I’m waiting for the headline ‘Dead man’s foot found sticking out near local lilac bushes’
I’m probably one of the few who wouldn’t be clickbaited by that…

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When worlds collide!

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