New life list feature!

So, I've been playing with the new life list feature. It's pretty cool! As with all new features, I'll have to play with it for a good while to get familiar with it.

One of the things I'm going to use the most is the "unobserved species" with the place filter. I can see the thousands of species that I've not yet seen, even in my home area!

Here are the nitty gritty details on the iNat blog:

iNat gets better and better. :)

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I had a bunch of bookmarks based on @bouteloua 's iNat tips and tricks that had the same "unobserved" functionality--it involved adding things to the URL of a search. This is much smoother and more intuitive. Pretty cool!

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Yes! So glad they found a way to incorporate that useful filter into the website. :)

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Hahah! So funny -- I did the exact same thing!
"Oh cool, they are using cassi's links!" ;)

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So there are only 14 species of odes in Denton County I haven't yet observed. My mission is now to track them down!

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Only 6,027 species unobserved species in the DFW area... I have a lot of work to do!

Maybe I’ll work on plants first: only 1,095 to go.

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It is hopefully going to be less glitchy than the old one, and I love the UI!

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