אפריל 24, 2024

April 23, 2024

Salmon Hole Trail

Sunny day, 45 degrees fahrenheit, good wind.

the salmon hole trail is very muddy. As usual, the trail was populated with robins, cardinals and a large flock of starlings. I believe that there was one vireo but I was not able to properly identify it as it flew away quickly.

There was male cardinal that was making very aggressive singing as I walked by. Northern Cardinals build their nests in February and march and lay their first brood of eggs in april so it is possible that the male was defending a nest. Cardinals frequent forest edge areas with good shrubs and small trees. This is a good area for cardinals, with good cover and food for them. The strong calls it was making is a good indicator that he is healthy.

American robins have a very similar habitats and could possibly have over lap. I heard many of the robins calling out so it is possible that there were territory disputes between the two. Here on the banks of the winooski, the robins I saw would probably use the dry reeds and grasses on the banks for their nests, as they would not have to go too far to acquire them, additionally the small sticks and twigs on the ground will provide good nest structures. Additionally there are houses and buildings near by and its possible that the the robins could fly further to get animal hair and discarded string from homes for their nests.

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אפריל 11, 2024

April 8, 2024

april 8, 2024
Absolutely gorgeous day, sunny not a cloud in the sky.
56 degrees fahrenheit
McKenzie Park, Intervale center
Open hay field ringed with deciduous trees on the banks of the winooski river

These are the recordings and observations I made during the eclipse. I got out there early and set up, it was normal for a sunny spring day, except that the ring billed gulls and crows were going off the shits flocking around the river, then as the sun began to disappear the song birds all chimed in with their evening chorus, but once the sun was fully hidden behind the moon, the birds fell silent then once the sun began to return a very confused morning dove chimed in with its call, along with a bunch of other birds

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מרץ 25, 2024

March 24, 2024

Sunny, bright 31degrees farenheight. very low wind
Salmon Hole Walk along the winooski.

Most everything was covered in a think blanket of snow, and many of the winter residents of burlington were out in force. Several cardinals were spotted in the trees next to the river, but moreso they could all be heard very clearly. Cardinals do not migrate in the winter, as they are often able to find food in the cold areas by eating seeds. Food availivility is the driving force behind most birds that migrate, so any of our year round residents are adapted to be able to find food in snowy climates, whether that be seeds like cardinals, or hunting like hawks or crows, or burrowing insects like sparrows or wood peckers.

the one migratory species i saw was the european starling, unfortunately this was the only bird I was able to record as my phone died shortly after. the starlings migrate to avoid the cold, with juviniles heading south in the winter to texas and mexico for warmer climates. They return to the northern climates from late february-late march to enjoy the emergence of bugs for foraging as spring begins to kick off. unfortunately they did not seem too pleased currently with all the snow, I believe they showed up a couple weeks ago when it started getting warmer as I saw sone starling formations while going for a run. This coldsnap we experienced this weekend does not bode well for the birds as it could confuse them in their migrations. Starlings can winter all over the southern US but one city they frequent is Dallas, as they prefer urban environments for foraging, so that is roughly 1,700 miles travelled by this pack of birds.

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מרץ 9, 2024

March 9, 2024

wooded clearing outside Victor NY
38 degrees F, light wind, lightly drizzling morning rain

I was camping in a small clearing near the train tracks and heard the black birds long before I even got out of my sleeping bag. There was a reedy clearing stretching out away from the train tracks where most of the birds seemed to be congregating.

the male red winged blackbirds were calling out with their very distinct kyaaaa calls, as they perched on reeds or tree branches, hopping around a little bit. I think this is kind of the equivalent of "THIS IS MY REED, ISNT IT A NICE REED. MINE MY OWN" to sort of mark their territory to the other males in the areas. now in comparison, there was several flocks of I believe snow or canada geese flying over head, and one would diverge alittle from the group, honking and the others would follow them in that direction, so while the blackbirds use their early morning calls as a territorial thing, the geese were using it to stay on track and in formation.

There were two cardinals I was watching very closely, one male one female, and the male would find a high perch, on one of the trees and make the wheet wheet wheet wheet calls, presenting itself to the females in the area, then the female chased after it. the much subtler female coloring was more difficult to see as the males will be the ones to attract a mate, and the females do not need to draw the same kind of attention, them to be less visible while caring for their nests.

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פברואר 24, 2024

February 17, 2024

Salmon Hole Trail
Cloudy, light wind, no precipitation, 21 degrees F
River bed side, tall trees. buildings and roads along the river.

I hiked out on the salmon hole trail, it was later then I wanted to go out, but it was still a beautiful afternoon. It was very cold, and I did not expect to see many birds, but I hoped the ones I did see would be performing winter behaviors. i sighted several Black capped chickadees on my way in, and they were darting around one large oak moving very fast.

on the walk through I saw 26 dead snags from the trail, many were of off in the brush, several pockmarked with woodpecker holes, but three notable ones next to or lying across the trail. One was completely hollow, and when I poked my head in one side I could see a squirrel huddling up in there. Another lay completely across the trail and was not completely hollowed out, but had several dug holes in the side, I believe it was a den of some sort for several species and I did not want to disturb them. The final notable snag was an upright stub around 3 feet high and when i lightly kicked it two more squirrels scurried out of it.

snags are incredibly important particuarly to wildlife in the winter as the dead bark provides shelter and dens for animals to live out the could weather. Bugs will live in the bark occasionally providing food for animals willing to dig for it, and the natural hollows caused hide small creatures like squirrels from dangerous predators. Many birds, like chickadees, and other small song birds will use the dead trunks for winter nesting.

The main event was when I reached the open bank of the river to hear the sound of hundreds of crows performing their nightly flyovers like some sort of omen. The crows were looking for somewhere to roost, as together they can stay warmer then alone as well as safer. The crows call patterns were very interesting to listen to, as they would have the standard throaty call through a flock, then one bird farther off would call out in a shorter higher pitch, and the others would respond with a similar noise and all converge on the caller, like it was calling them in to a good tree. I tried to get a recording of it, but the audio on my phone is really bad and there was too much static. At around 6:00 pm when the sun was really starting to disappear, the crows were slowing down in their ominous flyovers, and settling in the trees, with a few stragglers still looking for safe places to roost for the night. I wish I had brought my binoculars, because I would like to see if there is any pattern to how they roost and pick spaces in trees.

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פברואר 10, 2024

2/8/24 Birding excursion

Date - 2/8/24
Start time - 11:16
End time - 12:37
Location - trinity woods
Weather (temperature, wind speed/direction, precipitation) - 36 degrees farenheight. Wind- 4mph south southeast
Habitat(s) - Oak and hemlock forest, inclined hill into a ravine, low ferns, sever large rocks and fair amount of dead branches and brush on the ground.

With the uncharacteristic February sun searing into my eyes and cooking me inside my warm coat, I made the long trek from my apartment, up the hill, across and down to trinity campus. The shaded woods behind Richardson Hall beckoned me as it has many times before, its towering oak trees reaching up well past the roofs of the squat dorms. I descend into the cool forest air, picking my way down the hill, careful not to trip, to reach the large rock at the bottom of the ravine where I settle down for my observations.

In a flurry of movement, two Black Capped Chickdees dance around each other in the branches of a young oak, flitting from branch to branch. The chickadees moved with lots of hopping, jumping around and leaning off of branches. They moved incredibly quickly, this pair dancing around eachother, I could not entirely tell if they were just playing or something else. Chickadee flight appears very distinct, as they will flap rapidly, then tuck in their wings like a tiny fluffy bullets launching themselves through their flight path. They would flare out their entire wings and angle them to perch on vertical surfaces.

The dancing pair were moving much too fast for me to see, but around 10 minutes later, another chickadee perched on a branch of a large oak near me, Using my binoculars I was able to observe it. This bird was very distint, as it had a ruffle of feathers on the top of its head where the feathers stuck out like a cowlick. it had a darker grey wing pattern on the edges.

I was doing great seeing lots of birds, when at around 11:42, the F-35s began their horrendous flights overhead and many of the birds scattered. I think the disturbing sounds had a noted effect on bird presence.

On my way out I saw the large red crest of a pileated woodpecker right behind mann hall, I was unable to get a better look as it was flying by, but due to the size, and red crest I am confident in my identification. I have also spent alot of time in those woods before and have seen the pileated woodpecker.

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