My one year anniversary here

On September 1st, 2020, I moved to Corvallis. So I am close approaching my 1 year anniversary here.

A lot of the observations I have made of the same places have been because I could still observe them at different points throughout the year. But now that I have seen the entire yearly cycle, I will probably not observe the same places quite as much.

But even with that, there are a lot of parks with a few miles of me that I have only visited once or twice in the past 12 months. There is always more to see. There is probably about two dozen good observing locations within walking/biking/busing distance, so if I visit one of them once a week, that means I will on average visit most of them twice a year. It is August, and I am surprised that there are many places I haven't visited since last December, or at best since this March!

A lot of my plans to increase my circle of places I can visit have slowed down because of the Delta Variant. After some trips involving taking Greyhound/Amtrak in May-August, I have reconsidered whether I want to do that for a while. So as temperatures cool off, I am going to be focusing on bicycle trips.

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