Strategies for winning iNat during City Nature Challenge

To get the most observations, dump hundreds of barely helpful pictures without any taxonomic label, so that you pile up hundreds of “Unknowns.” With less than 10% of users doing IDs, this junk-data dump is a thumb in the eye to them; for NYC alone, over 8000 observations need ID after the four days of the CNC—many will never be identified because the single photo is useless.

Meanwhile, to get the coveted Top Identifier, you can second the original observer’s “Plants,” and add your name to already Research Graded-ed observations. For extra credit, blithely Research Grade zoo animals and botanical garden specimens.

Get those stats higher, higher!

Isn’t it fascinating how making everything a challenge, or, in other words, little subsets of the same monstrous capitalism that is devouring the natural world, invariably leads to corruption? In this case, junk data and cooked hierarchies of achievement.

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I could not have said it better myself!

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Thank you, @pawelp

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