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Thank you all who have helped out with IDs on my Great Southern BioBlitz observations. I've visited a few locations new to me and encountered quite a few species I'm not yet familiar with. In a rush to upload, I've simply IDed many as 'Flowering Plant' or 'Insect'. Upon review, I should be able to confirm many of the Plant IDs. (I'll never auto-agree). Out of 1289 observations there are 609 still at Needs ID. Any further help would be greatly appreciated. The below links should take you direct to the ID page for the relevant taxa and automatically filter out any observations you may have already reviewed. Some observations have probably reached their ID limit, but most can still be improved.
All (609 at Needs ID) / Birds (6 at Needs ID) / Frogs (1 at Needs ID) / Reptiles (1 at Needs ID) / Mammals (2 at Needs ID) / Fishes (1 at Needs ID) / Molluscs (2 at Needs ID) / Arachnids (6 at Needs ID) / Insects (166 at Needs ID) / Beetles (15 at Needs ID) / Flies (26 at Needs ID) / Hemiptera (12 at Needs ID) / Hymenoptera (17 at Needs ID) / Lepidoptera (81 at Needs ID) / Orthoptera (6 at Needs ID) / Plants (399 at Needs ID) of which there are 51 still at Subphylum / Orchids (10 at Needs ID) / Moss (8 at Needs ID) / Poales (25 at Needs ID) / Eucalyptus (19 at Needs ID) / Fungi (13 at Needs ID)
To help me reach my goal of 50 new species on my life-list during the GSB, I'd be really interested in getting narrower IDs for the below observations, all of which represent firsts for me:






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Please let me know if you are in the area again. I'd like to show you a few of my favourite hunting grounds.

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@davidsando Sounds great. Will do.

פורסם על-ידי cobaltducks לפני יותר מ 2 שנים

Always happy to help when I can!

פורסם על-ידי bwjone432155 לפני יותר מ 2 שנים

Happy to help ID the sightings I could. Good luck.

פורסם על-ידי deborod לפני יותר מ 2 שנים

I'm unfortunately unfamiliar with >95% of the non-fern flora over your way, but have gone through the ferns.
Cheers and good luck!

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