Juglans nigra in California?

I just noticed there are tons of people entering Juglans nigra in California. Does this actually ever naturalize there, or are people just using the algorithm and not paying attention (and now it will come up as 'seen nearby')? @kueda @silversea_starsong ? Not sure who is a CA plant expert out there who's most active these days

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It does not naturalize to my knowledge (also, no Calflora or Jepson entry), but maybe it is planted in some areas. Juglans regia doesn't really naturalize either.

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I think it's just people agreeing with the algorithm, unfortunately others are verifying the IDs, making it research grade and then making it show up more on the algorithm as 'occurs nearby'. Ugh. I'd thought the 'agreeing mindlessly' thing wasn't as bad in plants but maybe i was mistaken. There are tons of these and they weren't here a year ago

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wow, that cleaned up fast. Thanks @silversea_starsong @bouteloua @nutcracker etc

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