People, projects, and pages you should follow

National Geographic's Great Nature Project

This is my job, so I have to plug this one :-) Also, I look at everything added to this project. If you want me to see your observations, make sure you add them to the Great Nature Project shortly after you add them to iNaturalist (or add them directly on, but if you're reading this journal post, then I'm guessing you'd rather add them on the iNat website or mobile app).


Are you following iNaturalist on Facebook? They've started sharing an Observation of the Day.


AfriBats, created by @jakob 

I did some work with Tanzanian fruit bats (but mostly the plants they disperse) during grad school, so Jakob recruited me to run a Facebook page for AfriBats. You should follow us!


Sam aka @sambiology 

He's a frequent iNaturalist journal writer and avid iNaturalist evangelist.


Ken-ichi Ueda aka @kueda 

He probably has more followers than anyone else! He was a co-creator of iNaturalist and is still the lead programmer. 


Cheryl Harleston aka @magazhu 

She lives in an apparently magical forest in Mexico and captures beautiful plants and animals with her photography. I think I've given her more "favorites" (you're using that feature too, right?!) than anyone else!


Marcello aka @marcello

Gorgeous insect photos.


Nicolas Olejnik aka @nicoolejnik 

He lives in Argentina and sees some exciting wildlife, including the most favorited observation to date on iNaturalist (in case it changes later, it's this one).


Paul Cools aka @paulcools 

Paul came in through the Great Nature Project in May and I am continually impressed by the quality AND quantity of his observations. 


This list of people could get quite long, so I'm going to stop here for now!


iNaturalist stats! 

Check out graphs of trends in iNaturalist use. You can see the effect of the global snapshot of biodiversity in the number of observations and users. In September, a similar surge occurred following some high-profile coverage of Naturalista in Mexico (see here and here, thanks @carlos2!). 


iNaturalist journal posts 

I check on this occasionally to find interesting new-to-me projects and users. 


iNaturalist Google group 

For really nerding out about iNaturalist. It's a good place to get help too for questions that might be answerable by the community rather that just iNat admins. 


Who/what else should I be watching? Please add your suggestions in the comments!


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In case anyone is curious how I put in so many links, after much fussing I used this: (still not a great solution). Don't know why @marcello didn't get properly tagged so I'm trying again here because I'm sick of looking at html :-)

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I think it's the nbsp;@marcello. Try replacing the nbsp;'s with normal spaces and I think the mentioning will work fine.

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Aw shucks -- thanks for adding me to your list, @carrieseltzer .

There are quite a few official experts that donate their expertise here on iNat as well -- I like to follow them too. How do I find them? Well, I'll post quite a few observations of a certain taxa, and they'll typically give me some guidance on the ID's.

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Thanks @kueda! That worked. That was some weirdness that came out of copy/pasting all over the place.

@sambiology I especially like your journal posts! I wish I got nav bar notifications when people I follow post journals. Sometimes I miss them for days.

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Thank you so much for adding me to your list, Carrie!! What an honor!! :)

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Hi @carrieseltzer ! Thank you very much for adding me :)

I study taxonomy and systematics of Diptera but I like to make photos of every insect. I like that people see how beautiful they are!

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