Ah... The joy of Human interactions

I received this delightful email yesterday. Not a big deal but the "no attempt" could also be used to describe this persons inability to click on details to see coordinates of each of my observations and the rest of the language used reflects this persons self righteousness, smugness and pretentiousness. I have never received a dime for any of the work I have ever done over the past 20,000 observations so if you find my 20,000 observations useless and that is how they are perceived then all I can say is move on.

"After reading your profile, I have trouble believing that your butterfly records are done so casually, just a county record with no attempt at providing a location description or coordinates. Very disappointing! It means that the records are absoultely useless for any scientific study. Too bad!"

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Sounds l like trolling to me.

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sounds familiar, does their username rhyme with boss naymerry?

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ps congrats on 20k! that's a lotta work. and fun :)

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Haha yes

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Ugh. They're also wrong; county records can be extremely valuable.

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Someone was in a bad mood and someone was jealous. Someone needs to get a life!

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I think this individual likely feels that iNaturalist is a threat to their book sales and rather than figuring out a way to use iNaturalist as a tool to promote book sales, this individual decided to take a negative approach to interacting with iNat users. I have had few negative encounters here and when I have I assume that it's because of two things, ego and when money is involved and in that I sympathize for this individual as I understand a threat to financial sources are rarely taken lightly. I am a huge supporter of books. I have a collection that would make some professors and professionals salivate though I don't get to use them as often as I'd like as I enjoy being outdoors. I actually used this individuals book at the BioBlitz but now because of their choice of how to interact with me, I won't even touch the book to grab the book next to it.

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Times change, and we all have to adapt to new circumstances, even when the new developments negatively impact our earning potential.

An "ad hominem" attack is never the way to go.

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@berkshirenaturalist, you can email us at help@inaturalist.org if you feel someone has violated any community guidelines. We can look into it.

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Thanks. I'm over it. The guy just has a crappy personality and has a condescending and passive aggressive approach to informing people of what his opinion of acceptable data quality is. I actually felt more defensive against his overall opinion of the average iNat user.

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