City Nature Challenge 2017: Boston Area BioBlitz

Hello everyone. I thought it might be helpful to create a journal post so folks that are participating it the Bioblitz can communicate if they should wish to do so or if any groups are planning on meeting up at any point to look for stuff this may be a good way to communicate and share recommendations on places to visit. Also, if you're not familiar with journal posts you can follow it and be updated when someone posts something here. I also have a portable moth light set up though it's early in the season, some critters might still come to the black light. Does anyone know of a place in the greater Boston area that might allow that to be arranged? Also feel free to share the journal post and Bioblitz page with other inat folks that you think might be interested in participating in the BioBlitz.

Link to the BioBlitz

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Posted on אפריל 08, 2017 04:15 לפנה"צ by berkshirenaturalist berkshirenaturalist


Great idea. I'm hoping to make it to the area at least twice and am trying to figure out where to go.

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I think it's a three day weekend for me and I'm going to try for three days down that way weather permitting. I'm currently looking over places to go. I will list some of them by county when I get the list made up.

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Thanks for starting the conversation about meetups and events, @berkshirenaturalist! I just posted a journal on the project page as well with some links to events that have been planned thus far, and more are coming! I am based on Cape Ann and we have a ton of great places to explore here - access to whale watching boats, great tidepooling, vernal pools, and huge swaths of open space. We have a green light to do any sort of explorations in Dogtown, an open space that takes up the entire interior of Cape Ann. That would be a great place to set up a moth light.

On the NEOSEC website ( there is a list of parks and properties that have requested observers.

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@alorenz Thanks for the list of places. Cape Ann was one area that I was looking at. I've been there a couple of times and wanted to check it out again on non work related terms so this Will be a good opportunity. I think I'm going to try to make a few of the vernal pool events which are up that way so I'll start off in that area. Dogtown looks good. My moth light is limited to the vicinity of my vehicle. Are there parking areas that might work or vehicle pull offs that won't bother the surrounding neighbors from the flash going off?

What locations are good for tide pooling. That's something I've done some in the past but don't have access to at this end of the state.

Also Are you aware of any places that are open yet for camping? State parks aren't open yet. That or reasonable lodging. I'm traveling almost all summer long so looking to stretch a penny.

@kellyfuerstenberg any ideas what days you'll be in the area or what area you're looking at? I'm pretty sure I met you at the Bioblitz in Connecticut this past year. I think I'm starting off North up in Essex county Friday and Saturday. Then I might drift south. There is a location in Plymouth that I am looking at. In fact there are a bunch of places that look cool. One of them being worlds end.

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@berkshirenaturalist, I'm pretty sure we met. I'm hoping to come up Friday and Monday. If I could get away with coming up Easter Sunday, I would, but not sure how my family would feel about that. I'm completely open to where I go. One of the places I am considering is World's End. I think that Monday's BioBlitz Dive Party in Gloucester might be fun. I'd like to bring my 10-year-old son, John. He's got good eyes and loves exploring along the ocean. So many options!

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@berkshirenaturalist I think Dogtown would work really well for moths, the main parking lot is set back from residential roads so wouldn't disturb any neighbors. I will think of some other places.

For tidepooling, there are a lot of private properties that go right down to the rocks/shoreline. I went to a fantastic spot today - at Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester, there is a good sized island that you can walk to around low tide. I went today around 20 minutes before low tide and the water was up to my ankles - super easy. You could probably go 45-60 minutes before low tide. The island has great tidepooling from the little I poked around today, plus plenty of seabirds and some seals around.

Not sure about the camping... there is a Cape Ann Campsite but I doubt they're open. There are plenty of motels/inns that are really reasonable this time of year.

@kellyfuerstenberg the Dive Party is bound to be fun! It's at a beautiful small cove. Here's the link to the Dive Party facebook event:

If/when you both come up to Cape Ann, please keep in touch! I'll be at pretty much all the events happening here and planning to wander to different areas around the north shore in between. Here are a few more events I just added too:
Friday afternoon at 1-3pm I'll be at Ravenswood Park main entrance to show anyone who wants to learn how to use iNat and also do some bioblitzing around the park.
Saturday morning from 11-12 a friend and I will do some plankton tows and beachcombing at Pavilion beach, near the Fisherman's memorial statue on Western Ave. We'll have microscopes set up with a phone holder to take pictures.

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@alorenz I just got a b&b in the area for three nights and that's funny you mention Ravenswood because that was the first place I was thinking about hitting on Friday morning just because it has a cool name. I may try to check out some tide pools Friday as well but Ill have to check the tide charts to see what times are good. I think i'm going to the owl and amphibian event as well that evening. Beach combing sounds cool to. It's gonna be a fun weekend. Cant wait to see what I'll find. I'll probably run into you Friday.

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Hello everyone! I am a teacher at Medford High School and my biology classes (along with a few others) are excited to be participating in the CNC Boston! Our high school is right next to the Middlesex Fells Reservation which is 2,575 acres, if anyone is looking for a place to go...beautiful hiking trails all throughout!

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My daughter just tested positive for strep, so... change in plans. I am still planning on coming up on Monday, maybe I can also swing Saturday or Sunday as well.

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Has anyone been to Duxbury Beach Reservation? There were a couple of bird sightings posted from there, I'm wondering if it's worth a visit. How about Myles Standish State Forest? World's End? I'm finally getting to the area on Monday and am trying to plan my visit. I'm thinking of starting along the South Shore somewhere and then ending in Gloucester for the Dive Party to do some tidepooling.

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New plan. We're going to stop at Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge on our way to Gloucester. Will make a couple of little stops on the way. as we drive through Lexington and Concord.

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I think I'm gonna head there now and then head home after. It has been extremely dry out and spent all morning out and about and didn't find much. I'm gonna head back and get my observations edited and posted.

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