Journal Entry 1 (Aster Shear)

The species that I decided to locate on the phylogenetic tree is the American Elm (Ulmus americana). The tree is part of the genus Ulmus which includes all Elm trees. The most recent common ancestors of the species American Elm are the Wahoo tree and the European Elm.

One adaptation that all of the species that I observed have in common compared to other plants is that trees grow to extreme heights in order to be closer to sunlight which is needed for them to photosynthesize. The adaptation of height allows them to better soak up sunlight and not be covered in shade by other plants.
One adaptation that I noticed on the species Weeping Willow (salix x sepulcralis) was a thick scaly bark. This adaptation protects the tree from the elements and contains a plant hormone which can be toxic in large amounts.

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