SA iNaturalists - November 2020 Update

Summer in SA was trying to start early this year with the warmest and driest November in some time.

In SA this November we recorded 7,756 observations covering 1,877 species from 353 observers. There were 171 species receiving their first iNat record in SA, and 66 new observers contributing their first observations to iNat. Upon those observations, 478 identifiers contributed a total of 13,088 identifications.

Uploads for SA now stand at 156,708 observations of 7,037 species from 2,556 observers, with 3,176 identifiers providing 285,857 identifications.

An interesting seasonal visitor to the more populated areas in SA, the Caper White (Belenois java), has appeared in large numbers and has taken the top spot this month for the most observed species with 103 observations. This is all the more interesting as only 6 observations of this species were uploaded to iNat from SA in all of 2019.

A couple of new graphs have been added this month. One for total Observers by Month in SA showing a record of 434 observers in September 2020, the same month as the Great Southern Bioblitz. And one for Identifiers of Observations from SA by Month. It's worth noting that the number of observers and observations are increasing quite a lot faster than the number of identifiers.

Top contributors & species observed in November:

(Data used for this post taken on the 7th of December. It excludes any observations from November that were uploaded after this date)

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